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Mattress fundraiser

The flyer is under forms/docs (under mattress fundraiser)


Band registration forms

For those who missed band registartion the froms are now found in forms/docs under the folder "registartion forms"


Once these forms are turned in, the stduent will be sized for a uniform. The next uniform sizing is Friday during the lunch block.


Band photos and "Casual uniform"

On Friday August 12 at 6:00PM the band will take some pictires that will be used for the athletic program.
The students are asked to wear their "casual uniform."

For this pictures we will be in the "in bloom" shirts and khaki shorts. (if khaki shorts are not avaialble- that will be fine for this week.... it would just make the picture easier)

The khaki shorts will be worn with either the "in bloom" shirt or the 'Tiger Trek" shirt for the following events:
1. Meet the band
2. Tiger Trek
3. Various football games (depending on heat)

Students will also need to wear a brown or black belt with their shirt tucked in for the performances.

More information regarding the pictures for the athletic program can be found under forms and docs. 



Everyone who did not register last weekend needs to be here tomorrow. Returning members start at 8:00AM. New Members with last names  A-M start  at 8:30.

N-Z starts at 9:30.

You will need to have a parent here for registration!!

Please wear THIN shorts (like running shorts)


Next week Info:

School registration/schedule pick up:

You will go on your assigned day at 2:30PM (Boys and Girls… as requested by MHS councilor)


We start 3-a-days 7:00- 11:00; 12:30-4:00; 6:00-9:00. (we will NOT start at 6:30)


Tuesday- Fish Camp pep-rally. We are wearing the GRET “IN Bloom” shirt. After the pep-rally we are going back to learning show drill.

“Mandatory”  duel-credit meeting- be back as soon as that meeting is done…we will be learning show drill

7:00PM Parent meeting


Wednesday- NO BAND



We are respected because people see how hard we work


Band audition Sign Up

The information to obtain an audition time is listed under forms/docs. Please click the link and register for a time.


2016 Student Leadership Information

The NEW Process for the student leadership selection process can now be found in the froms/doc section.

Please start now if you woudl like to be considered for a leadership position.