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Info for the Week of 9/26/11

Hello! Thank you to everyone for coming out to the Timberview game and cheering the band on! The show is complete from a drill standpoint but we still have a ton to add to finish it out in addition to continuing to improve what's already been taught. Below is the info for this week. Also, in the Forms section you will find a PDF of the BOA Arlington schedule. The schedules for the Birdville ISD and Carrollton Contests will be posted soon. Please come out and support the Tiger Band at these competitions!

Monday- 3:30-5:30 @ MHS

Tuesday- 3:30-6:30 @ RL Anderson Stadium. Students will need to find their own trasportation and will wear their rehearsal shirts and marching shoes.

Thursday- 3:30-6:30 @ MHS

Friday- Call Time @ 4:00. Game vs. South Grand Prairie HS

Saturday- BOA Arlington. Call time 7:15 am. See schedule for more info.  


Band Alumni- Homecoming game

Dear Band Alumni:

We have just received permission to have an Alumni band at this year’s homecoming game. The homecoming game will be held on Friday October 21 at the MISD Vern Newsome Stadium. The school administration has asked me to limit the number of alumni that we use for this inaugural event. We will only be able to have 50 alumni members. Here are some details:

The Plan:

Some details:

This would need to be done before 1:00PM the day of the event. (The earlier in the week, the better)

The Goal:

  1. Provide an opportunity to once again be a performing member of the Mansfield High School Marching Band!!!!!

Anyone interested in participating in this event needs to e-mail me to be added to the list. (Remember only 50 people….so sign up fast.) My e-mail is



Parents due to the heat we are projected to experience today...we had to make a sudden change to this week's schedule.

Today's rehearsal (Tuesday) will be from 3:00-5:00
Booster meeting is still at 7:00 (please plan on being in attendance)

Thursday's rehearsal is now from 3:00- 7:00. (we are supposed to have extremely comfortable weather on Thursday, and the kids opted to have a longer rehearsal on Thursday instead of adding a rehearsal on wed or Friday.)

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility!



UPDATE: Most of the Dropbox files have been restored. However, we have a larger issue....we are 4 events into the year and we've used 42% of our account size. We are going to have to be VERY selective when uploading files. We can't upload every picture we take. Please do the following when uploading photos:

  • If they are  blurry - don't upload
  • If the pic before or after is just like the one your are about to upload - be selective - pick one
  • Let's limit the photos to mainly closeup pics where you can actually see the kids involved. 1 or 2 of a formation is great - but shots of the entire section from a distance really hold no appeal.

A note about Dropbox. If you downloaded the Dropbox Desktop Software - every file that is uploaded to our Dropbox account is stored on your harddrive. (Lots of photos, lots of pics!) So, you cannot "drag and drop" files from the shared folders to your harddrive - your operating system will actually MOVE the files from the shared folder to your folder, thus deleting them for everyone else. (Nor can you delete files because you don't want them - it deletes them for everyone.) So, if you do not want every photo then you probably just want to use the web version of Dropbox. Just log in from and you should be able to download only the files you need.

Hey, band family. For those of you who are members of our Dropbox is a shared folder - meaning we all have the ability to add, edit, & delete the photos and folders contained within. That being said, someone accidentally deleted all of the folders and photos that had been setup. If you Cut and Pasted the folders to your removed them from the dropbox. If you could put them back, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - LezLee


Hey Tiger Fans, thanks for the great turnout last night at Napoli's. Terry O'Hearn was blown away by the number of Tiger fans that came in or ordered out. Also, he is staying open late on Friday nights to have a place for post game fans to stop. We're planning on going by this Friday night after the trailer is unloaded. Hope to see you there.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that the MHS and Summit Football game is tomorrow night. Every year the two school's NHS and STUCO groups have a contest to collect the most canned food items for local agencies. This year you can donate canned food items or in case your student forgets each dollar donated counts towards two canned items. The contest ends tomorrow. I have pledged to cook hot dogs for the MHS group that collects the most. Looks like the Mayor will help and we hope to get the Superintendent to cook some dogs as well. It's all for a great cause. Make sure your students get their items to the band hall tomorrow. Thanks, Terry


Week of 9/6/11

Great job band last Friday at Keller! There was great improvement in your performance both in the stands and at halftime! I'm very proud of you!

Just a few reminders about this week:

1. We do have rehearsal on Wednesday 9/7 to make up for not meeting yesterday due to the school holiday. This is one of our "Special Rehearsals" that have been on the calander since last May.

2. Now that the weather is cooling down we will wear our Tiger Trek Rehearsal shirts and Marching Shoes to every Thursday rehearsal. This allows for us to get used to how the marching shoes feel as they are different than tennis shoes.

3. We will be in full uniform this Friday, so all winds (brass and woodwinds) and percussion members need to have your black socks and marching shoes ready to go! All winds also need to have your black gloves. WW players will get assistance from their section leaders regarding how to cut off the tips of the glove fingers to allow them to play while wearing them. All of these items are a part of "Inspection" and Game Day Demerits will be assigned to those who are not prepared.

4. Friday is our first Home game @ Newsom Stadium vs. Summit!! We will also have our first Pep Rally during the last block of Friday's class day. For the Pep Rally all students need to wear your 2011 Show Shirt (You will need this on for rehearsal and to wear under your uniform anyways). More information will be given out in class in regards to the Pep Rally.

Thanks, have a great week, and come out to cheer MHS on as we "Blackout" Summit this Friday @ Newsom!