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New Trip Information:

Not traveling with the band

(Using miles and/or making your own arrangements)



Yes, it is possible to go on the band trip, and not travel on the airline seats reserved for the band. If you would like to make your own travel arrangements or use your miles, please note the following:


  1. 1.     E-mail Mr. Ludlow ASAP and let him know you would like to attend the band trip, but make your own flight plans. (you will still be at the hotel, shows, tours, etc with the group)
  2. 2.     All rules and expectations still apply
  3. 3.     The band’s itinerary will not change due to your flight schedules
  4. 4.     In order to utilize transportation to/from the NYC airports it is important that your flights line up with the flights the band is on. It is HIGHLY recommend that you travel on the exact same flights as the band (See itinerary)
  5. 5.     Your trip cost will $340 less.


If your flight times/schedule do not line up with the band’s, you will be responsible for transportation to/from the airport.




Additional Spots available:


At this time, we have been able to acquire 27 more seats for the band trip. These 27 seats are $40.00 more expensive and hence will make the approximate total for the trip approximately $1020.00.


These seats are available on a first come first serve basis. The deposit is still $50.00 but the total cost of the trip will for sure be $40 more. These seats will be available starting Tuesday morning.


2017 Spring Trip

Information about the spring trip can now be found under the forms/docs section.


Preview of Champions Contest Results

Results are available under the Preview of Champions tab.

Click Here or go to 'Results' in the drop down menu.



Mattress fundraiser

The flyer is under forms/docs (under mattress fundraiser)


Band registration forms

For those who missed band registartion the froms are now found in forms/docs under the folder "registartion forms"


Once these forms are turned in, the stduent will be sized for a uniform. The next uniform sizing is Friday during the lunch block.


Band photos and "Casual uniform"

On Friday August 12 at 6:00PM the band will take some pictires that will be used for the athletic program.
The students are asked to wear their "casual uniform."

For this pictures we will be in the "in bloom" shirts and khaki shorts. (if khaki shorts are not avaialble- that will be fine for this week.... it would just make the picture easier)

The khaki shorts will be worn with either the "in bloom" shirt or the 'Tiger Trek" shirt for the following events:
1. Meet the band
2. Tiger Trek
3. Various football games (depending on heat)

Students will also need to wear a brown or black belt with their shirt tucked in for the performances.

More information regarding the pictures for the athletic program can be found under forms and docs.