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New year- old finances???

Attention all Band members and parents. Please go to your charms account and review the information.


Fall Fees:

At this point all Fall fees should be paid in full. (You will have one more week before I submit outstanding balances to the school bookkeeper. Which means you will need to go to her office and pay her) (Please get this taken care of before the end of this week)


Spring Trip:

The January payment is due this week. After this payment your balance should be $100.00 or less. Please turn in your payments to ensure you do not loose your spot on the trip. If you need to pull out of the trip, please let Mr. Ludlow know ASAP (we have people on the waiting list)

Also- please feel free to pay off your trip early. (This would be very convenient, if possible.)



1. Got to

2. Click the charms page (which will take you directly to the log in page)

3. Your password is your student ID number (unless you changed it)

4. Upon logging in, you will be prompted to change your password. It is important that you take great care to remember what you change it to. (I recommend changing your password to “ID”+ your ID number….just my suggestion)

5. Check charms, and contact Mr. Ludlow via e-mail if questions.