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Parents who would like to go to BOA please read

If you would like to ride the bus to BOA San Antonio with the band, please sign up using the link below.


1 - These spots are for PARENTS ONLY!!!! 

2 - You MUST have your license scanned in the MHS office to ensure that you have been verified via Raptor. 

3 - You MUST purchase your own ticket to enter the competition. 

4 - The Alamodome is huge. These spots will require LOTS of walking. If you have issues walking or standing for extended periods of time, please do not sign up. 

5 - You must remain with the band at all times. The band's schedule is subject to change at any time. 

6 - MHSTBB will provide lunch and dinner for you. 

7 - You MUST help with serving lunch and dinner to the students.

8 - We will meet in the band hall at midnight with the rest of the band.