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General Questions

What is a "Call Time?"
"Call Time" is the time that you are to be ready to load the bus. Therefore, you need to arrive roughly 15 min before call time to take care of things such as polishing your instrument, uniform checklist, etc.

Does the band perform at ALL pep rallies?
Yes, the band performs at each and every pep rally.

What is the policy for missing a performance or game?
On the RARE occasion that you must miss a performance/game, you and your parents must give Mr. Ludlow 24 hour advanced notice. (Parent MUST contact him.)

When do I need to have my own water bottle?
You must have your own water bottle at all games and practices.

During marching season may I wear sandals, Vans, Toms, etc. during practices?
No, you may not wear sandals, Vans, Toms, etc. All shoes are inappropriate unless they are tennis shoes.

What other items do I need during marching season practices?
You need a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water bottle. Remember to stay well hydrated. This means to start drinking water in the days leading up to the practices!

Do shadows go to contests?
Yes, all band members go to all contests.

Is Tiger Trek money mandatory?
Yes, each band member is expected to turn in his/her $70 for the Tiger Trek fundraiser.

How do I get my CHARMS account info?
All CHARMS account questions should be directed to Mr. Ludlow.

How many hours a week does the band practice?
The MHS Tiger Band strictly adheres to all UIL rules and regulations. Since 1997 the UIL has limited practice outside the academic school day for marching band and auxiliary components to eight hours per calendar week. Click here for more info on the "8-Hour Rule".

How do my grades affect my participation in games and contests?
According to the UIL "No Pass, No Play" Rule all student must be passing all courses (except identified advanced classes); students lose eligibility for a three-week period, which is defined as 15 class days. Exception: one but only one of the three school weeks may consist of only three or four class days, provided the school has been dismissed for a scheduled holiday period. Two class days does not constitute a school week. Exception: Thanksgiving if schools are on holiday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; students may regain eligibility an unlimited number of times throughout the school year. Passing means a minimum grade of 70 on all courses (except identified advanced classes). Note: Spring break can't be part of the 3-week evaluation process. All students are eligible during spring break.

What is the best plan of action after school on practice days?
Due to traffic, etc. it is usually easier to remain at school on practice days rather than trying to get home and back. The band hall is open during the time between school and practice and is used for tutoring/homework time.

Game Day

What is the best plan of action after school on game day Fridays?
Due to traffic, Game Day Grub, Call Time, Inspection, etc. it is usually easier to remain at school on game days rather than trying to get home and back.

Do I have to polish my horn before every game and competition?
Yes, your instrument needs to be cleaned and polished before every game and competition.

What time will the Game Day Grub arrive?
Game Day Grub will arrive at 3:30 pm or whatever time it gets here. :)

What is an "inspection"?
Before every game and contest each section leader will perform an "inspection" of his/her section members with regards to uniform, personal appearance, instrument, music, and water jug. For a detailed description of what an inspection entails, click here.

May I leave the stands during a game to go speak to my parents?
No, all band members are expected to sit in his/her assigned "Block Spot" at all times while in the stands. In fact, MHS Tiger Band has a very detailed Game Policy. All band members are expected to follow it completely.