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Solo and Ensemble

Last week's solo and ensemble (that was cancelled because of ice)... IS NOW SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY MAY 9. (the same day as the solo contest)... The location will be Summit High School.


All MISD Events Cancelled Friday & Saturday

The Night of Percussion concert scheduled for this evening has been postponed.  Additionally, the MISD Ensemble Contest scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled.  Night of Percussion is being rescheduled for the coming week and Mr. Feldser will provide details on Monday.  MISD directors will discuss Ensemble contest rescheduling upon our return to school on Monday.  Stay Safe.  Stay Warm.


Marching Band Summer Schedule 2015

The marching band summer schedule is now available.  Please take a moment and look through these dates before planning that summer vacation.

Click Here for schedule


All Ensemble Schedules for 2nd Semester Now Available

Now available are separate calendars for each individual ensemble. (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band 1, Symphonic Band 2, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Guard) 

Students and parents can now sync with the calendars that only apply to their family and not have to sift through schedules and events they don’t need.  All sectionals, concerts and contests are available or will become available in the next week. 

Click Here to get started …

These calendars will not be posted on our main website calendar as there are simply too many events for each day. 


Band trip payments

nformation and the payment schedulIe of paymensts for the 2015 Spring trip can be found under the forms/docs section of this website. Please look in the 2015 Spring Trip folder.


Family Performance oppertunity

Here is some new information for Friday. (Based on the excitement).... we would like to get all the parents, faculty, and family who want/can to participate with us on Friday's Thriller Performance.

Here is what needs to happen if you want to participate:
1) Attend a short (one hour) dance rehearsal on Thursday at 6;30PM
2) Pay admission into the game on Friday
3) Dress in an awesome zombie costume
4) at the end of the 2nd quarter join the guard for a refresher of the dance
5) perform and have fun at half time

We have come up with a simple, yet fun "Thriller" dance that families, faculty can join in and perform with the band. (there will be a point in the performance where all who are dressed can do the dance, then another point when it is just the guard and the family as the band kids play)

This should be a lot of fun! (But we will need everyone in zombie costumes)

It would be great to get as many parents/families to participate!!!!